TRAIN YOUR BRAIN CAMP™ participation size is limited each day so that all campers can interact and get to know each other. A small group also allows TRAIN YOUR BRAIN CAMP owner Christina Grandy to work directly with the campers and provide personal supervision each day.

Christina GrandyAbout Christina Grandy

Christina has been a member of the Roaring Fork Valley community for over 10 years, and her experience and interests have led her to found TRAIN YOUR BRAIN CAMP. Raised in Virginia and having ridden extensively as a young girl, Christina has a true love for horses. Upon graduation from Vanderbilt University, Christina moved to New York City where she ran the American division of an Italian clothing company, managing 18 employees for more than a decade. She also studied to be an actress during this time and turned professional at age 28.

While working bi-coastally in New York and Los Angeles, Christina co-starred on various television series including The West Wing, The Evidence, The Guardian, and Third Watch. Christina also appeared in films like Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey. Having spent many years as a professional actress studying what makes people tick, Christina was inspired to get her masters in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Christina is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Aspen. Christina has been teaching horseback riding for over 10 years, and she brings her zeal for expression through the arts into all of her work with her campers.

Christina is particularly passionate about teaching life skills, self-awareness, and mindfulness practice to children as they move through childhood into adolescence. Federal U.S. government studies on self-esteem in girls show that 80% of first graders have healthy self-esteem. By 5th grade, however, that number drops to 20%, and by high school it drops to 5%. Christina helps prepare children for this complicated and vital period of their maturation, so that they can live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.